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DR1900 Portable Spectrophotometer

The DR1900 is perfect for use in the field because it is the lightest and most compact portable spectrophotometer. It also can perform that largest number of tests of any portable instrument. Underneath the rugged exterior, the DR1900 has the largest number--over 220--of the most commonly tested preprogrammed methods already built in. You can also use the easy-to-use interface to create your own methods. Also, it is flexible because you can use the widest range of vial sizes of any other spectrophotometer.

Portability - Easy to hold, and operate, the compact DR1900 is a valuable tool for your field technicians. This is lightest and smallest spec on the market.

Accuracy - Tests are performed with a wavelength range of 340 to 800 nm, which make this a field instrument you can use to find results typically only seen in laboratory instruments.

Ruggedness - The DR1900 is built for rugged conditions. Built as a hand-held spec the DR1900 has a large, clear screen and a simple user interface that makes testing easier than ever in even the most demanding conditions.

Upgrade from your DR2800 or order a new DR1900 today!

∎Technical Specification

Battery Life 15 days (typical) @ 5 readings a day / 5 day week without backlight*
Detector Silicon photodiode
Dimensions 98 mm x 178 mm x 267 mm
Display Graphical display 240 x 160 pixel (LCD, b/w, backlit)
Interface USB type Mini IP67 (with optional Module)
Temperature 10 - 40 °C
supply 4 x AA size Alkaline 4x NiMH rechargeable Battery
System Reference beam, spectral

DR3900 Laboratory Spectrophotometer for water analysis

The DR3900 is designed to deliver accurate results by supporting the operator with each step they perform with the TNTplus offering:

  • Sample preparation: reduced handling steps, precise dosing
  • Sample analysis: automatic test recognition, expiration date check, etc.
  • Utilization of the new Truecal™ software to eliminate lot to lot variation
  • Documentation of results: versatile data management

The DR3900 is a benchtop visible spectrum (320 - 1100 nm), split beam spectrophotometer with over 220 pre-programmed methods optimized for laboratory water analysis. With your daily routine of water analysis in mind, the DR3900 spectrophotometer is optimized for safe processes and accurate results. Control-parameters like Ammonium, COD, Phosphate, Nitrate and many others are easy to perform. The handling of tests and spectrophotometer is well designed to avoid any errors in your water analysis.

This instrument connects to Claros, Hach’s innovative Water Intelligence System, enabling you to seamlessly connect and manage instruments, data, and process – anywhere, anytime. The resultis greater confidence in your data and improved efficiency in your operations. To unlock the full potential of Claros, insist on Claros Enabled instruments.

∎Technical Specification

Wavelength Range (nm) 190 nm - 1,100 nm
Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7) ±0.005 A
Wavelength accuracy ±0.5 nm
Resolution (Toluene in hexane) >1.9
Stray light (KCl, 198nm) >2.3
Options CuvetteChanger; Fingerprint Reader; Cuvettes; FillPalMini; LinSet; LabX PC Software; Printer; CertiRef; Barcode Reader

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